Upscale Italian Restaurant in the Heart of Downtown Fayetteville

Our Story

Founded in 2002, Pierro’s saw an opportunity to grow and expand the brand and be part of a new wave of revitalization of Fayetteville’s historic downtown. Once a Roses Five & Dime, local high school friends Daniel and Mike saw a blank canvas for what would become Pierro’s Italian Bistro, an upscale Italian restaurant at 217 Hay Street.

At Pierro’s, we love hearing people say that our restaurant is reminiscent of a European bistro. Our diverse menu offers classic Italian fare as well as hand cut steaks, seafood, and pasta dishes. You are sure to find the perfect complement to any meal with our extensive selection of wines from across the globe. With soaring 16 ft ceilings and imported starburst chandeliers, Pierro’s is a jewel set in the heart of Downtown Fayetteville, NC. Pierro’s has won multiple “Best of” awards, “People’s Choice” awards and other accolades. We will not disappoint!

Whether dining in the restaurant or sitting in the lounge, Pierro’s is perfect for enjoying dinner or having a drink with friends and family. Come relax and take in the sights on one of Fayetteville’s largest outdoor patios for al fresco dining.


Pierro’s Italian Bistro is a family-owned and operated upscale Italian restaurant whose focus is on quality, value, and authenticity. We are a destination location whose goal is to become the premier restaurant for the greater Fayetteville area. We will accomplish this by exceeding customers every expectation through high employee ownership, initiative and attention to detail. Our mantra is “food, service, atmosphere; everything’s better at Pierro’s.”

Our Owners


Michael Laurenceau is the co-founder and operator of Pierro’s Italian Bistro. Since the beginning of his entrepreneurial career, Mike has helped grow Pierro’s Italian Bistro into a destination location in the Fayetteville community. Before opening his first Pierro’s restaurant, he was a Computer Programmer and Technical Software Designer for Nortel Networks. He graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Computer Engineering.

After deciding to leave corporate America, he decided to take the intrepid leap and become an entrepreneur. Applying his corporate America experience, he joined his high school friend and expanded the original Pierro’s concept to the one operated today. Over the past 20 years Mike has co-owned and operated numerous restaurant concepts, focusing on making Pierro’s the brand that patrons know and love today.  He currently operates Pierro’s Italian Bistro in Downtown Fayetteville, NC  as well as a new location in Downtown Raleigh.  He is excited to grow the Pierro’s brand and is proud to have Fayetteville as an entrepreneurial starting point called home.


Our Owners

Daniel Fair

Daniel Fair is the founder, President, and Executive Chef of Pierro’s Italian Bistro. Pierro’s is named after his grandfather Leo Pierro who came to America from Italy in 1917. After following in his family tradition and serving two enlistments as a Sergeant in the US Army Medical Corps as a combat medic and nurse, Chef Daniel began his culinary “adventure.” With no formal training, all his early culinary skills were acquired from family recipes, growing up in an Italian household, and his travels abroad. After working with various chefs from such esteemed schools as The Culinary Institute of America, Johnson & Wales, and Le Cordon Bleu he developed a higher culinary knowledge and discipline.

Daniel has a lifelong passion to be an entrepreneur and chef and knows that it is a journey of learning that never ends. A natural leader and problem solver, he is always up for a challenge and is eager to share his knowledge with others while leading from the front. He credits creating a signature taste, learning from others, and adapting to the ever-changing trends in the service industry to the success and longevity of Pierro’s Italian Bistro.