What Are Craft Cocktails and What Makes Them Popular?

Craft cocktails are taking the bar scene by storm. But what exactly are these artfully made libations, and why should you order them next time you’re at Pierro’s Italian Bistro? Let’s explore this overview of handcrafted cocktails and why our expert mixologists are ready to wow your palate.

What is a Craft Cocktail?

It is a drink made by skilled bartenders using fresh, high-quality ingredients. The focus is on balanced flavors, unique recipes, and an artful presentation.

At their core, these beverages are:


  • Not mass-produced like bottled mixes and artificial flavorings
  • Crafted with care by bartenders


  • Feature top-shelf spirits and liquors, fresh juices, homemade ingredients like syrups and bitters


  • Emphasize creativity, flavor complexity, tailored recipes, and visually appealing presentations

The craft cocktail movement emerged from bartenders seeking to revive the art and joy of mixology. It mirrors the trends toward small-batch food production and microbreweries.

Why Order a Craft Cocktail?

There are many excellent reasons to skip the bottled mixes and dive into these tipples:

1. Unique Flavor Journeys

With unusual ingredients and flavor combinations, they take your palate on an exciting ride. Bartenders experiment with herbs, spices, botanicals, and seasonal produce to create one-of-a-kind taste sensations.

2. Tailored to Your Tastes 

Tell your bartender what flavors you enjoy, and they can customize a cocktail just for you on the spot. It’s like having a personal mixologist!

3. Experience the Craft

Observing bartenders artfully shake, stir, and garnish cocktails add entertainment value to your happy hour. It also connects you to the heritage of mixology craft.

4. Only Fresh Ingredients

You’ll never find premade mixes or artificial substances in our drinks. We use fine liquors and freshly squeezed juices to let natural flavors shine.

5. Cocktails with a Story 

From locally inspired recipes to classics with a twist, bartenders love telling the tale behind every unique craft cocktail.

Catch Up With Friends Over Great-Tasting Drinks

At Pierro’s Italian Bistro, we take craft cocktails to the next level. Our passionate mixologists combine creative flair with the freshest ingredients to create magic in your glass. So next time you’re craving an extraordinary drink experience, come and visit our restaurant or bar and lounge at Pierro’s Italian Bistro. Your taste buds will thank you!